Words can't describe how much our pets mean to us.

They're our best friends, close companions, and often (scratch that, always) better listeners than people. A pet brings so much joy to your life, enriching it for the better.

The decision to adopt a new friend is a big one. Before visiting your local animal shelter, it's important to consider the commitment involved in being a pet parent, whether that concerns time, money, logistics, your stage of life, etc. It's critical to not be impulsive, even though we know it's fun to imagine bringing a four-legged friend into your home.

Once you've decided on adopting a pet and have purchased the necessary supplies, the next step is to find your fluffy companion. Luckily, New Hampshire has plenty of animal shelters with an abundance of dogs, cats, and other critters ready for you to meet. Somewhere out there is a good boy or girl who might end up becoming your bestie.

We know that there are unfortunately some sketchy, inhumane pet stores out there that shouldn't be supported. So, we reached out to locals to ask about some of the best animal shelters in the Granite State. Let's see the recommended locations.

Looking to Adopt a Four-Legged Bestie? Visit These 14 New Hampshire Animal Shelters

Gallery Credit: Megan Murphy

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