If you wondered how much New England Patriot fans are missing Tom Brady, well they miss him a bunch.  According to the patch.com/new-hampshire, more than two out of three New Hampshire betters on Super Bowl LV are betting on the Tampa Buccaneers to take it all. It seems New Hampshire still has a soft spot for Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski.

Charlie McIntyre, the executive director of the New Hampshire Lottery tells the news outlet “It hurts not to have the Patriots in the playoffs this year, but it is a pretty nice consolation prize for our players and sports fans to have the GOAT, Tom Brady, playing in yet another Super Bowl, even if it is for a different team.” Interesting that most of the rest of the country does not see Brady winning again.  The patch.com/new-hampshire reports that 78 percent of those betting on the big game are putting their money on the Kansas City Chiefs will win.


I’m really happy just to HAVE a Super Bowl to watch this year and I must say I think I am rooting for Brady to win.  I mean, it makes me feel young that a guy that is 43 is still playing football.  If you are interested in making a bet on the game you can make a wager through DraftKings which is New Hampshire’s vendor for mobile sports betting.  For those in a cave, Super Bowl LV is on at 6:30 pm this Sunday.  I am already lining up my order of chicken wings from Wing- itz, guacamole, and chips.



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