2019 just might be the year that New Hampshire bans plastic bags and plastic straws. Here's what you need to know.

Lawmakers in the Granite State are said to be preparing to consider a ban on plastic bags and straws throughout New Hampshire.

According to Sea Voice News, Representative Judith Spang of Durham will introduce bills to ban the use of both plastic straws and bags. This, according to NHPR.

It's reported that Spang said she will also introduce legislation to allow cities and towns to establish their own bylaws that create single-use plastic bag bans, which would be in case the statewide ban does not pass.

Many cities and towns across the United States, including several throughout New England, already similar bans in place as plastic pollution continues to create an immense crisis.

According to Sea Voice News: In the ocean itself, there are an estimated 15-51 trillion pieces of plastic already estimated to be in the ocean today, that number will only grow at a rapid pace in the future. By 2050, plastic pollution is estimated to outweigh all fish in the ocean.

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