It's a daily occurrence now.  I check my work email and find at least one or two email scams a day.  I know they are scams because I look at the email address, and it couldn't possibly be from within my company.

Or could it?  It says my company's name, but something's off.

Maybe if I just click on the attachment I can check to make sure it's legit?  Don't do it.  If this is how you are thinking, think again.

Be very wary of any of the latest email scams.  Let me give you a couple of examples.

One of my recent emails said "Speed Camera Violations" in bold letters in the headline, which certainly caught my attention.  The next line said I was caught on camera for "negligent driving in Greenwich, CT", and my fine was $912.91.

I haven't been to Greenwich, Connecticut, in 20 years, so I looked further into this email and it said "click here for photo proof".  I knew better thank to click on anything, but not all people are aware of these types of scams.

The next day, I received email headlines like "Stimulus Funding" and "Coronavirus Stimulus Checks".  These headlines didn't fool me, but I had to read further.  Again, the email said to just click on the link for approval of your stimulus check, and that you must click on the link to qualify.


I was born at night, but not last night, so I promptly sent this off to our IT department and deleted the email.

This is a warning, because the holiday season is rife with scams.  Don't click on any link, even if you think it's from within your own company.  If you are not 100% sure, ask your IT department if it's legitimate.

They won't chastise you for asking – they'll thank you for it.  Also, if you see anything on your personal email asking to click on a link, raise a red flag in your mind and check it out before you click on anything that could cost you big bucks you will never get back.

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