Commit capital murder in New Hampshire and you very well may face the death penalty. Despite efforts to overturn the law, Governor Chris Sununu vetoed a bill this morning that would have abolished New Hampshire’s death penalty.

According to an article in the Concord Monitor, New Hampshire hasn’t executed anyone since 1939. The Concord Monitor says the repeal bill would not have applied to Michael Addison, the state’s only inmate on death row. Addison killed a Manchester police officer in 2006.

A check of Wikipedia finds eight people have been charged with capital murder since 1939. Three were convicted, but instead, received mandatory life in prison without parole. Charges were resolved before trial in three cases. And twice because the New Hampshire Supreme Court ruled the law authorizing the death penalty was unconstitutional.

Sununu says while he respects the arguments made by those opposing the death penalty, the state has an obligation to support law enforcement and deliver justice for victims.

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