Holy Moly!  If there are aliens, they are trying to connect with the folks in New Hampshire.  According to satelleteinternet.com, New Hampshire residents spot more UFOs than even the people from Roswell, New Mexico. The only two states that beat us in UFO sightings are Idaho and Montana. In addition to our beautiful mountains, New Hampshire is a great spot to be if you are looking for UFOs. Satelliteinternet.com used data from the National UFO Reporting Center from January 2019 to January 2020 according to the article I came across.

In my mind, I imagine that a UFO sighting means a saucer-shaped ship in the sky that hovers above me and shines bright lights but in truth, most UFO sightings are less exciting.  Most unidentified flying objects are satellites, planets, and bright stars. The UFO sightings reported in our area are mostly at night in the warmer months. Do you think any alcohol is involved? Right next to the rankings in UFO sightings in America is Maine.  I wonder what attracts so many UFOs to our area.

If you are hiding from alien life forms and do not wish to have such an encounter, your safest bet is to head down to Texas. Texans report the fewest sightings of UFOs in the United States of America.  But, if you are dreaming of being beamed up to another planet, New Hampshire and Maine may be the best opportunity you will get.  I just binged watched the docuseries on the UFO Heaven’s Gate cult on HBOMax and I would definitely prefer to remain here on earth. But in all honesty, I never judge people who see UFOs or talk to Aliens because I don't know. I mean just because I've never seen one doesn't mean they don't exist. Have you ever seen a UFO? Aliens?



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