If you did not know, I am a grown-up man-child.

You know, the 'late 20-year-old that still goes to Water Country' kind of man-child.

I'm the adult who still shovels all the snow in one pile so that I can go down a little hill on a sled. That's who I am, and I'm never going to change.

I think it's important to do the childish, fun things you used to do even as an adult. That's why my wife and I go to arcades, bowling, and go-karting. We keep it fun.

Remember when the trampoline parks came out? Like SkyZone? Well, there's a new type of fun that needs to come to New England, preferably close to Portsmouth, New Hampshire, so I can go.

It is an indoor SLIDE PARK.

I'm not talking about your average playground slides either.

These slides are like full-on water park slides, but instead of water, you go down on a mat. Look how fun this is:

This place is in Houston, TX, and is called Slick City Action Park.

It's literally a waterless water slide. They have the spiral bowls you drop in, the long tube slides, massive drops, and even slides that end in jumps.

The place is the first of its kind and the only slide park in the country, but it should not be.

We totally should have this on the Seacoast. I think it would fit in perfectly. Maybe in the Newington Mall? That's where I think it should go. Contractors and bidders, get to work!

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