If you like to load up on industrial sized packs of toilet paper, cheese balls, and other necessities, BJ's Wholesale Club is the place for you! The good thing about shopping at BJ's is when you buy things in massive quantities you don't have to to go to the store as often. That certainly comes in handy during a pandemic. But then you face the issue of storage. Where does one keep a 52 pack of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese? Maybe keep it in your kids playroom and they can use the boxes to build a fort in the meantime.

And some good news just came out for Granite Staters! A brand new BJ's Wholesale Club location is opening on Route 1 (Lafayette Rd) in Seabrook. It will be just one mile from the Massachuetts border so expect many massholes to creep in to take advantage of our tax free shopping. Look at me, bad mouthing my own kind.

BJ’s has 218 locations primarily on the east coast. BJ’s was the first of its kind and introduced the warehouse club concept to New England back in 1984. The new location in Seabrook will be the seventh in the Granite state joining clubs in Manchester, Nashua, Portsmouth, Salem, Tilton and West Lebanon.

I have been putting it off for years because of the annual fee. But now that I am moving to Portsmouth it might be time that I become a BJ's member!

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