Another sign of a strong economy are job shortages. This time, in New Hampshire's school system.

According to WMUR News 9, finding, and keeping substitute teachers has become an increasingly difficult problem in New Hampshire. Officials site a strong economy as the main reason school districts continue to struggle. WMUR reported substitutes can pick and choose where and when they want to work, and on any day, an entire group of school districts will be competing for the same pool of substitutes.

Even pay raises, like Goffstown have recently enacted haven't solved the shortage. Goffstown Superintendent Brian Balke said it ties in to the lifestyle "I think it's the unknown, the itinerant nature of not knowing when you're going to work, what your assignment's going to be, and it's a tough gig," Balke said. "It's hard to come into a classroom and fulfill the role of a teacher for a day."

Many parents have moved into substitute roles to be closer with their children, which helps with the gap of new teachers looking for full time work.


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