This Rye, New Hampshire man is living a dream, and forgetting what day it is.

Paul Stankiewicz and his 8 year old rescue dog Mona are riding across the United States this summer. According to Seacoast Online, he is riding up to 50 miles a day. An “Adventure Cycle” route helps guide him, and he's having a blast. How much? Stankiewicz reported he sometimes has to check his travel blog to double check what day it is, or how many days he’s been cycling. Stankiewicz has the summer off. Currently, he's between jobs as a computer programmer.

On June 13 and drove a rented car to California, and planned to trek back. His partner Mona has been a hit on the trip, sometimes photographed more than 30 times in a single day. Mona is aided by goggles, as she incurred an eye injury before the trip. With Mona as his shotgun rider in the bicycle trailer, Stankiewicz said he’s timing his return to Rye after Labor Day, “when they let dogs on the beach.”

Stankiewicz told Seacoast Online “You kind of lose track of time, like a Sunday afternoon,” he said. “That’s what it feels like.”

Follow his travel blog here.


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