Just another day fishing for Matthew Smith when a whooper of a catfish tugged on his line.

WHDH.com reports that Smith was fishing in the Connecticut River last Saturday and pulled in a huge 15.33-pound catfish.

I had thought that by taking a dip in the river or some swimming holes I would be safe but after seeing this gigantic catfish I think I am staying on dry land.

The previous record for a giant catfish was 12 pounds 4.8 ounces, according to the news station, so this one was HUGE.

Just another day fishing for Marlow resident Matthew Smith I suppose.

Per WHDH.com, New Hampshire Fish and Game Law Enforcement Division and Operation Game Thief posted a shot of the fish and Matthew on their Facebook page with the caption “Pending approval by NH Fish and Game Biologists, to see if it was a new state record. Congratulations Matt!”

Looks like the record will hold since a conservation officer witnessed the fish weighed on a certified scale.

I wonder how long it took Matt to haul that fish in?  And what type of rod he used.  I need to get out there and fish more.  Of course, that would mean touching the fish and the bait but that’s what my wife is there for.   She grew up fishing and loves it, but I never had any luck.

When my kids were little, they would open the door of the fridge and say, “there is nothing to eat” and she would tell them to grab a fishing pole and go get food.  They are not good at fishing either.

I do love catfish nuggets and Matts's story has inspired me to take up fishing and get it another try.

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