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I am Terrified of Spiders


I hear New Hampshire has an official state spider now.  I do not like spiders of any kind, sorry.  My wife is my official spider/bug catcher.  Spiders give me the creeps.

Maybe that is because I did not have a teacher in third grade like Tara Happy.

She taught her students to love the daring jumping spider and learned a lot about what it takes to get a bill passed in state government at the same time, according to


Did We Really Need a State Spider?


Yes, yes we did need a state spider.  Teacher Tara Happy told the house committee “I started out with a class yelling ‘Ewwww’ and by the end of the week, they were literally waiting in line to hold a little black spider with their bare hands,” per the news outlet.

That is a fantastic teacher that I wish I would have had in third grade.

Gov. Chris Sununu Signed the Bill Last Friday

The bill was signed by Gov. Chris Sununu on Friday designating the daring jumping spider, also known by its scientific name Phiddpus audax, for its winter hardiness, its cuteness, and colorful appearance, and the way it creates a parachute out of its silk to fly.

You will be pleased to know that this was one bill that passed the House and the Senate with a unanimous vote, according to

These students from Hollis Primary School learned a great deal about spiders and how government works thanks to their fantastic teacher, Tara Happy.



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