Poor People's Pub in Sanborneville, New Hampshire, has been around for 50 years as of April 6, 2024. They first opened in 1974.

This pub is a New Hampshire fan favorite, with the name representing the price of the food.

No, it is not for poor people, but it is all reasonably priced. For example, their lobster roll is only $26. Other places in New Hampshire are charging a $35 minimum. Their potato skins (spudskins) are only $8, which feels very reasonable too.

Poor People's Pub has  very realistic prices despite inflation kicking everyone's you-know-what...

Well, they took the name "Poor People's Pub" to a new extreme over the weekend.

In celebration of its 50 years in the industry, Poor People's Pub gave back to the community by charging only 50 cents for a PB sandwich and 50 cents for beers too!

This is a HILARIOUS and generous way to give thanks to those who have kept Poor People's Pub open. Rewarding your customers for supporting your business is crucial to retaining customers.

Now, I have not been to Poor People's Pub. However, if I was given 50-cent beers anywhere, I would support that business forever.

Don't believe these crazy prices, check out the receipt below:

Poor People's Pub is located at 1 Witchtrot Road, Sanbornville, New Hampshire, 03872. 

Although their 50-cent deal is no longer happening (as their anniversary celebration was on April 6, 2024), they do have some of the best prices for food and drinks on all other days of the year.

Where else can you get a $6 pitcher PITCHER of PBR?

Where else can you get a $6 glass of Pinot?

Where else can you get a hot turkey dinner plate with all the fixings for only $16?

Nowhere. Head to Poor People's Pub today.

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