There's one thing you can say about New Englanders: we are foodies.  We love food, and the more classic, the better.

The best hotdog might be a Fenway Frank, and the best lobster might be from Maine, but when it comes to New Hampshire, where do we tell people to go eat when they know nothing about the Granite State?

We asked this question on Facebook and you gave us some great answers, including the tried and true locations to get great steak tips and chicken tenders, but also some unique spots.

Some of these places are tourist driven, but others are all-star restaurants for most New Hampshire residents.

How can you go to Hampton Beach without stopping by The Old Salt?  Do beachgoers even know about this step back in time restaurant with great food? No, not unless we tell them about it.

Tuckaway Tavern & Butchery via Facebook
Tuckaway Tavern & Butchery via Facebook

Tuckaway Tavern & Butchery in Raymond has the best steaks and steak tips, and always tops the list of "must visit" restaurants in New Hampshire because they are just so dang good.

What other restaurants made the list, according to Granite State appetites?

With all the local brewhouses and tap rooms, you would think one of the big ones would make the list, but you'd be surprised at this fan favorite with more votes than any other taproom. They also got plenty of shoutouts for their food, too.

Newick's Seafood via Facebook
Newick's Seafood via Facebook

So next time you have someone new visiting New Hampshire, try one of these 15 must-visit foodie locations for good food, good times, and good drinks.  You'll thank me later.

Which New Hampshire Restaurant Would You Always Recommend to a First Time Visitor?

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