After a round of frigid temps, what's another few inches of wintry mix?

Just last week, we were basking in temps more suited for early May, and those who were completely over winter were hopeful they would stick. Not surprisingly, they turned out to be a false alarm from Mother Nature. Need we recap the Sunday/Monday snowstorm which brought over a half foot to some in our area? Oh, yeah, and there's the negative four dashboard pic I could've taken this morning. So much for budding trees. Fresh off that backpedal, let's throw another round of snow on top of this.

That's what we're in for Sunday.

According to NECN, Sunday will bring a mess.  While details are still being firmed, the weekend event could be in the form of wet snow and mix before the rain takes over. For much of New Hampshire, the cold could hang on for the entire event, causing lots of slippery roads and holding the temps in the 30s.

With Daylight Savings Time, you'll have an extra hour of daylight to watch the slush add up.

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