We don't deserve The Onion.

For those of you who haven't had the pleasure of learning about The Onion, allow us to keep you informed.

The Onion is a website that publishes funny and satirical news articles about any and everything. It's intended for readers 18+ years of age, and nothing about it is serious in any way, shape, or form.

Heck, if you go to their Facebook page to find a legitimate explanation for their antics, all that's written in the 'About' section is the Latin sentence "Tu Stultus Es", which reads "You Are a Fool" when translated to English. Wowza.

Anyway, with all the serious topics trending in the news today, sometimes it's nice to take a mental break and read articles like:

"Close Friends More Tolerable After A Few Drinks"

You get the picture. These articles are downright hilarious, especially when the seriousness of the writer's tone is the polar opposite of what they're talking about. There is no universe in which we are worthy of The Onion.

So, how does New Hampshire factor into all this? As mentioned, there's no shortage of topics that The Onion covers, and New Hampshire-based stories are no exception. Here are some examples.

10 Times New Hampshire's Been Mentioned in Hilarious 'The Onion' Articles

8 Times Maine Was Hysterically Mentioned In A The Onion Article

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A post to a local Portsmouth Facebook group encouraged people to come up with their own local renditions of Dean Martin's 'That's Amore', and the comments did not disappoint.

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