Dust Up Over New Vulgar Vanity Plates Law In Maine


Have you seen the MILF Mobile in Maine?  Its owner Brittney Glidden has a vanity plate that reads “TI$%*&” according to intercept.com and that will violate the new law signed by Gov. Janet Mills this June.  Free speech advocates are up in arms.  What is free speech and when can you use it?  Apparently not on government-issued vanity license plates in the State of Maine.


Some May Have Taken It Too Far


Get ready to see an increase in vulgar bumper stickers since they are taking away the vanity plates such as “L8RB&**#,” “PPL SUC,” “OMGSTFU,” and “P**&%# U2,” according to theintercept.com.  The plan for vanity plates in Maine was started way back in 1989 as a way to generate some more money for tourist attractions in the State.


What Will Happen to Glidden’s MILF Mobile?


As far as Glidden, she is not taking it lightly. She is working on a free speech protest involving vehicles.  She tells intercept.com “I’m working on a design for a large vinyl wrap for my van.  It’ll say ‘TI*&%@#

’ in huge letters with a diagonal red streak with swear words filling the whole thing.  Like the lyrics to the song ‘Sh*#@ Pi*&% F*@#$’ by Blink-182 were made into a giant, obnoxious decal.”  If the license plates offended you, be prepared for free speech advocates to cover their vehicle with wraps and bumper stickers that you probably would not want your mother to read.  Live Free or Die, right? Personally, I think this is too funny. I don't have a problem with it.





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