We are so fortunate to live in one of the best foodie areas of the country, so when a new restaurant opens and grabs national attention, well, it's something to tell everyone.

Esquire.com has released its 50 best new restaurants list for 2023, and amidst the Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York eateries featured, there's this little-known but very unique restaurant in the suburbs of Boston on that list.

This year's list leans into "raw honesty" and being real.  Esquire says, "The collective dining experience right now is visceral, vulnerable, downright weird at times—and so very human."

In Somerville, Massachusetts, Lehrhaus opened as a Jewish Tavern and House of Learning.  Lehrhaus is a kosher restaurant, but also a place to take classes.

According to Esquire's Joshua David Stein, he says he felt at home with,

...chef Alex Artinian’s and chef Noah Clickstein's celebration of Jewish diasporic cuisine. Both Ashkenazim and Sephardim are represented. Deviled eggs, haminados-style, are aged in coffee and topped with pickled mustard seeds. A herring tartine comes with the bright spice of pickled peppers alongside the silvery fish.

Lehrhaus via Facebook
Lehrhaus via Facebook

And then there's the Burger Bar on Saturday nights in the winter at Lehrhaus, which features a 1950s-style menu of burgers, trash can fries, floats, and a brownie sundae too.

You can sign up for classes exploring topics like interfaith holidays, joke-writing, or counter-culture lifestyle of the 1960s.  It's not all serious topics, but definitely interesting ones.

Anyone can enjoy all Lehrhaus has to offer, but check online to book reservations. Walk-ins are welcome too.

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