The new 3 part ID special 'Pamela Smart: An American Murder Mystery' is fascinating and really thought provoking YET I can't overlook some major mistakes that all Granite Staters should be able to instantly notice.

Investigation Discovery

At 17:45 of Episode One, the lead in video features the iconic seafood restaurant Markey's Lobster Pool in Seabrook, NH. The graphic overlay? Derry NH.


The same happens in Episode 2 with Hampton New Hampshire's Winnicunnet High School as the lead in, Guess What? Derry, NH AGAIN



As you can see from this google map, the city of Derry is a 45 minute drive inland from the Seacoast of NH.

Honestly, if they mixed up Seabrook with Hampton, I could understand it because they are basically neighboring towns with many people in this story from both areas.

Derry, NH , however, is not anywhere near the Seacoast and the maritime themed scenic B-Roll images they used, stuck out like a sore thumb.

Hey, if I was from the Midwest or California, I wouldn't care if the locations were mislabeled. But as a lifelong Granite Stater, especially one from the Seacoast, I was incredulous as to how these geographic errors kept happening.

That being said, the three hour special was a very comprehensive breakdown of the case and I was amazed how many important details I had forgotten and quite a few that I'd never realized before.

I wholeheartedly suggest you see it.

Just don't get too riled up when you see lobster boats and lighthouses in Derry!