I feel compelled to write about this cool new pub because it is literally across the street from my apartment. I have watched them working on getting the place open, and it’s so nice to see the economic development continuing to make Rochester’s downtown even more vibrant.

Porter’s Pub is located at 19 Hanson Street and is open Tuesdays through Sunday from 11 am to 11 pm.  The space was formerly occupied by Magrillia’s Restaurant.

According to Fosters.com, owner Jim Hanley says “I named the pub after my father-in-law, John Porter.  He was a great man, a hero to many, and loved by all that knew him. He told me that is was his dream to one day open a pub.”

John Porter was a service member, and the Pub is offering 10% military members and their families, according to the article, and Porter’s Pub hopes to be a friendly, welcoming place for families to come have a meal, relax and have a good time with their friends.

According to fosters.com, they are going to listen to the customers when it comes to the menu and is looking for feedback to shape their food offerings.

Hanley says in the article that “if something doesn’t work on the menu – we change it.  I want to serve food that people enjoy so they’ll return again and again.”

I am thrilled to see it open; I can walk out of my apartment and grab a brew if I want.  It’s nice to see the street coming back to life. I need a place to grab some traditional pub food.  I wish them much success, it’s been fun to see the place come to life from my window.

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