If you are looking for good eats and great people, the tagline for Tucker’s restaurant you will soon be able to find them in Bedford, NH, according to the New Hampshire Patch.

Tucker’s Restaurant has locations in Hooksett, New London, Concord, and Dover already but soon will be opening a location in Bedford at the site of the old Outback steakhouse.

This will be the biggest Tucker’s Restaurant location to date, according to the article, and that is welcome news.  Tucker’s works so hard supporting local farms and growers.  They source as much of their food products as possible such as egg, milk, and produce from local farmers, the Patch reported.

According to the Bedford New Hampshire Patch, Tucker’s Facebook page says “Together, with the dedication of our team, in collaboration with our local partnerships, and with the invaluable input of our customers, we continue to build our brand based on the original Tucker’s recipe: Good Eats, Great People.”

If you haven’t been to a Tucker’s before, you must try them for breakfast or lunch.  Everything on their menu is made to order, which is a huge bonus for me.

I am a bit of a freak about leftovers (I don’t eat them) and I like to watch my wife cook so I know my food is fresh.  I love to see that a New Hampshire restaurant chain is planning on expanding in 2021.  2020 was such a rough year for local restaurants.  I checked out their menu online and I’m thinking I need a Belgian waffle this weekend.  Although the skillets they have featured with free-range eggs look delicious.  Maybe I can have both.  Congratulations to Tucker’s Restaurant.

I hope you much success in your new location.

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