I don’t know about you, but I am ready for summer. I can’t wait to hit the beach but for now, they remain closed.

New Hampshire State parks officials are developing a plan to open some with restrictions, according to WMUR.com.

Starting with the obvious, there will be not hanging out on beach chairs, no umbrella, no coolers, and no group activities.

So, it looks like this lockdown is going to make me lose some weight and get fit.

The proposal says the beaches can reopen, but you gotta keep moving. Meaning walking, running, or swimming.

Finding parking may be dicey also, according to the article from WMUR.com. State parks officials are planning at keeping the state, town and private parking lots limited to half their capacity and parking at state lots will require online reservations.

The town of Seabrook is unique. Its beach is not state-owned and some of its residents have put forth the idea that it should be open only to Seabrook taxpayers. Selectman Aboul Khan said in the WMUR article “Nothing is definite. The board did not decide anything yet. We are waiting for what New Hampshire does, and at that time, our board will act whatever is best for our taxpayers."

Still, it’s becoming abundantly clear that if you want to enjoy the beach and listen to the sounds of the ocean, you are going to keep moving, be it swimming, running, or walking. At least I won’t have to carry my chair down to the water this year.


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