If you were excited for the beaches in New Hampshire to open this week, unfortunately it's not going to happen.  Governor Chris Sununu said in a press conference yesterday that it's just not time, despite MA and ME lifting restricting on some of their beaches, according to Seacoast Online. 

Hampton Beach leaders had been pushing for a June 1st opening for the Granite State, but residents had hoped there would be an exception for the beaches according to the article.

Sununu said that because we have had some colder weather and it's only May it allows him time to wait and see what happens in our bordering states.

While it appears the governor is erring on the side of caution, some residents are not happy with the decision.  Seacoast Online reports that there is a petition online right now called "Open New Hampshire Beaches for Transitory Activity".  This petition calls for beaches to be open for certain activities including walking, swimming and surfing.

So, how about just laying out as long as you're six feet apart? Well, that's a no go as well.  According to the outlet, Governor Sununu said he's received information from his task force about not allowing sunbathing either.  He tells Seacoast Online that "staying active and not stopping in large crowds" is something he is willing to look at.

It looks like the governor is looking at what's best in the long term.  According to Seacoast Online, Governor Sununu said:

"If this were a marathon, we’re at about mile 4, you don’t start sprinting. You’ve got to have the discipline no matter how good you feel. It would be naive to think there’s not another surge (of the virus) coming down the road, whether in the fall or winter."

So, for now, the beaches will remain closed.  One upside? At least it's not the middle of summer with 90 degree temps. That would really be awful!


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