It seems like common sense that the standards we hold our tap water should be the same as the fancy bottled water that we buy in the stores. But what if it was the other way around? NH lawmakers are proposing a bill that would set strict limits for chemicals in bottled water according to WMUR. Those limits would meet the limits to chemicals that are regulated by law in our tap water.

“New Hampshire has the most protective drinking water standards coming out of the tap. We want to extend that to the bottled water.” Says Rep. Renny Cushing. The bill seems to have the support of bottled water manufacturers in the state but out of state bottlers say it will be complicated for production and distribution. They have even said it would hurt providing emergency assistance for natural disasters if the bill is made into law.

According to wmur New Hampshire, drinking water has higher standards than the FDA. Seems like common sense to me and the in-state bottlers have no objection to the high standards. I think if I need to pick up a water bottle in the future, I am going to make sure it comes from a bottler in New Hampshire. I do like to carry a portable, reusable water bottle with me all the time to cut down on my plastic consumption. It’s great to know that the New Hampshire tap water is so great.


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