The story made national headlines. Now, offered to return to her position, Bonnie Kimball is standing her ground.

A story originating in the Granite State has gone viral. According to WMUR News 9, Bonnie Kimball said she was fired from her job in March after she gave a student a lunch even though he couldn't pay for it. Mascoma Valley Regional High School’s cafeteria is run by an outside company. Their defense against public backlash was the issue was not about the lunch itself, rather what items were on the student's tray.

Cafe Services made a statement to WMUR, saying students receive lunch regardless of whether they can pay. That includes an entrée or sandwich, plus side dishes or fresh fruit and milk. However, school policy states any extras must be paid through an account or in cash. Cafe Services says the student had a full lunch plus four additional items, and  Kimball did not record or charge the student.

What if she were offered an opportunity to return? Cafe Services sent an email to Kimball saying the company agreed with the Superintendent that she should be offered the opportunity to return, with back pay.

She told WMUR "I won't take it back. I will not work for a company that did that to me."



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