For the love of god, stop touching the plovers!

NH Fish and Game took their Facebook page yet again to remind us how important it is to leave the wildlife alone.

Apparently this past week there was an incident at Hampton Beach where an unidentified person thought that a newly hatched piping plover chick needed help. They brought this newborn animal to state officials.

Despite efforts by NHFG biologists to return the bird to its parents, the poor bird could not handle the stress of the situation and didn't survive the night.

I'm sure this person had nothing but kindness in their heart and thought they were doing the right thing by bringing this newly hatched chick to get help. But it doesn't change the fact that the animal died as a result of the incident, and that is truly heartbreaking.

If you are not aware, Piping Plovers are a protected species here in the Granite State. This means that possession and take (which includes harming, harassing, injuring and killing) one is illegal and in punishable by law. This incident is being investigated further.

The NH Fish and Game's Facebook post continues to inform us that piping plovers nest on Hampton and Seabrook Beaches each year. Chicks are fully mobile within hours of hatching and capable of finding food on their own! So leave them alone. One more time for the cheap seats in the back, LEAVE THE PIPING PLOVERS ALONE!

Visit here for more info on the piping plover project.

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