The New Hampshire Fish & Game Department has rolled out a program where you can give a child a lifetime fishing and hunting license. No, you still can't bring a baby hunting. They make terrible hunters what with all the crying anyhow.

For $300 (and a $4.50 fee), you can get that future outdoorsman or outdoorswoman a lifetime combination fishing and hunting license. The little one will need to wait until they're 16, and complete a hunter education course, but then the savings could begin piling up over the course of a lifetime!

According to the Nashua Telegraph, six month old Daylen Brickley of Milford was the first to receive such a license. You need to grab one of these before the baby turns one, by the way. Get all the info you need at the NH Fish & Game site.

UPDATE: The NH Fish & Game website has received the internet hug of death as word of the offer spread, so it may give you a loading error of some sort. I'm sure they're working on it so keep on checking.

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