This is pretty cool that a fourth grader from our area has a shot at making history.

Alice Martin entered the Name The Rover contest in November and wrote an amazing essay with the reasons why she came up with the name she did, according to Seacoast Online.

There were 28,000 entries nationwide that came in, the news article, stated and it’s now down to 155 total students in the running. They will narrow it down to 9 and pick the winner in March.

Alice is from Exeter and will represent New Hampshire in the elementary school level, according to Seacoast Online.

The name she came up with? L.E.A.D. Love, Exploration and Discovery.

She said in her essay, according to Seacoast online:

“LEAD will lead us to discover potential life and bring critical samples that will show a lot about Mars and shape our future with it”

How amazing is that? Who knows. Maybe we will find life out there?


For more to the story, check out Seacoast Online's article here.

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