According to WMUR, on May 26th Republican Representative James Spillane took to Twitter and posted a photo of a squirrel he shot in his backyard. The photo of the dead animal's carcass was in response to post from a vegan animal rights activist. He captioned the photo "I shot a squirrel on my bird feeder today with a .50 caliber muzzleloader. Enjoy,".

Whether or not he has the right to shoot the squirrel on his property is in my opinion, not the issue at hand. The fact that he posted it with the intention to upset and offend a person or group of people is unnecessary. Also, I am not a huge activist for squirrel rights. However, I am not impressed by this photo, I am mostly nauseated by it.

The tweet was shown to NH Fish and Game and he Spillane was removed from the house Fish and Game committee as a result.

Do you think Spillane was justified in sharing this photo?

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