The pandemic has inspired a lot of random new hobbies and goals to be reached, and for some unknown reason, running across the country is a common goal that's being established here in Northern New England.

This past Saturday morning, Windham, New Hampshire resident Mike McStravock started what he plans to be a four-month trek across the country from coast-to-coast and ocean-to-ocean. According to WMUR, he started off his Saturday morning by jumping into Boston Harbor before hitting the road to start running toward the Pacific Ocean.

Mike told WMUR that his plan is to run about 30 miles each day, which should get him to the Pacific in about four months. Last month, a Portsmouth, New Hampshire gym trainer started his run from New Hampshire to California with the purpose of raising money for childhood cancer. But while Mike thinks he'll help some charities along the way, there's really no rhyme or reason for the cross-country run other than just loving running.

He told WMUR he fell in love with running a couple of years ago and has participated in multiple marathons and 100-mile races.

It seems like running has become a hobby that a lot of people picked up over the pandemic. There's been people who picked up hiking, went on diets, stopped alcohol consumption, started baking, started nonprofits -- but running just seems to be what a lot of people have turned to in order to get them through the pandemic.

It's pretty inspiring that through all the "blah" that's been thrown our way the last 14 months, some people are finding their true passions and really thriving. And even cooler that some people are doing bucket-list worthy items like running across the country.

Go get 'em, Mike -- stay safe out there!

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