There is no deeper pain than the loss of a child.  We all grieve in different ways, and it’s hard to judge someone for how they express their grief. is reporting on the anguish of one mother whose expression of grief makes others feel it is inappropriate.

Christina Wohle of Francestown, NH, placed a skelton with a cowboy hat on her son’s grave, according to the news site. Wohle’s son passed away at the age of 18 after riding a horse in a rodeo in Castleton, Vermont, of a heart attack shortly after the competition. reports that Cole’s headstone reads “The cowboy from Francestown, a smile to brighten your day.”

Christina Wohle is incensed that the cemetery keeps removing the decorations she places at her son’s grave, the new site reported, and some other mourners may feel they are insensitive.

The cemetery officials claim the decorations are removed because they interfere with mowing, but Cole’s grave has no grass growing on his site, according to

It’s a polarizing issue, people feel strongly that the mother has a right to grieve as she sees fit and yet others are disturbed by the sight of a skeleton decoration appearing to come out of the grave.

What do you do when one person’s expression of grief interferes with another’s suffering?  There are no easy answers.  I can’t imagine the loss of a child and my thoughts are with Christina Wohle. I hope her healing journey continues.



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