A victim of ISIS, the journalist from Rochester was mentioned by President Donald Trump during a national address Sunday.

When President Trump announced to the nation ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was killed in a raid conducted by the U.S. military, a journalist from Rochester was remembered. The first hostage to be killed by the terrorist group, journalist James Foley was held hostage by ISIS for two years before he was beheaded in August 2014.

The President stated "Their murder of innocent Americans, James Foley, Steven, Peter and Kayla Mueller, were especially heinous." Trump later said "Think of James Foley. What he did to Foley and so many others.

According to WMUR News 9, The President said he will speak with the Foley family, along with the families of the other American victims.

James Foley grew up in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, and attended Kingswood Regional High School. According to Wikipedia, he later freelanced for GlobalPost and other media outlets like Agence France-Presse during the Syrian Civil War. In 2012, James was kidnapped by an organized gang after departing from an internet café northwestern Syria. His story was made into a documentary.

His mother released a statement, in which she was grateful to the President and brave troops.

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