A lot of us have “work husbands” or “work wives," or at the very least a great co-worker who we wouldn’t survive most days without.

This might be taking it to a whole new level though.

A teacher in Weare, NH, is actually saving her co-worker’s life.

According to WMUR, Sherri Dyer donated a kidney to her fellow teacher Jennifer Guillemette.  Dyer and Guillemette are both teachers at Center Woods Elementary School.

WMUR reports that Guillemette went into kidney failure a year ago and was placed on the donor waiting list.  Guillemette says that Dyer was the first one to step up and go through testing, and after finding out she was a match didn’t hesitate to give this amazing gift.

The article reports that the two had surgery two weeks ago at Mass General Hospital and both are feeling great.

Dyer tells WMUR that she didn’t think twice about donating her kidney to her friend.  She says “something inside me was compelled to do it.”

Guillemette can’t say enough good things about Dyer, telling WMUR that “she’s never made me feel guilty in any way.”

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