Revenge porn has become a big issue in the day of the internet, and one New Hampshire teacher has been placed on paid administrative leave because of it. is reporting on the story of a New Hampshire teacher who had explicit photos of herself, that were placed online without her consent, and began circulating among her students.

How the photos made their way to the students is as of yet unclear.

According to, the superintendent of the Sanborn Regional High School says “We are aware that there are explicit photos of the teacher online.  These photos were private and have been posted online without her consent.”

Ambrose further stated in the article, “We would appreciate any help that parents can provide in preventing the spread of this information.”

It may be time to have a discussion with your teen about inappropriate internet use.  It may be time to go so far as checking their internet history and find out what websites they are visiting.

Just this week Rep. Katie Hill resigned from Congress due to a revenge porn incident.  I am old school when it comes to this topic.

Don’t share anything online that you would not want your mother to see.  I feel horrible for the people who have had their trust betrayed by someone they are so intimate with.

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