This story is almost unbelievable. A boy in Gilmanton, NH, saved the life of a boy in West Virginia all because of a live stream and critical thinking skills, according to WMUR.

The news station reported that Caden Cotnoir was watching one of his favorite streamers on TikTok when tragedy struck.

While Caden was secure in New Hampshire, he was viewing the live stream of Trent Jarret riding his ATV in West Virginia, the news station stated.  When the screen went dark Caden knew something was wrong.

He told WMUR, “All of a sudden his phone goes kind of black, you can see a little bit of light and you can just hear him yelling for help.”  Over the live stream, Caden heard Trent calling out numbers.

After hearing the numbers, Caden thought it may be a phone number and that Trent was signaling for help, according to the news station. Pretty advanced thinking for a 13-year-old!

There are so many pranks on TikTok I probably would have thought it was just a bit to get more viewers, but Caden sprang into action and called the number.

It was Trent’s grandparents' phone number, the only one Trent could think of after the accident, according to WMUR.  Because of Caden’s quick thinking, Trent’s parents were able to locate him, and he only suffered some cuts and bruises. It could have been so much worse.

Trent was only trapped for 20 minutes due to the quick thinking and action of the New Hampshire teen, the news station reported.

Trent and Caden met up over a zoom call on Monday and Trent says “I’d just like to thank him for everything he’s done,” WMUR stated.



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