We are all feeling a little uncertain and searching for some good news to brighten our day. According to WMUR.com, the town of Farmington, NH has decided to turn their Christmas lights back on to spread a message of hope and cheer people up.

It’s an idea that is catching on with many residents across the county; turning their Christmas Lights on to brighten the world a little in these dark times. Have yourself a merry little quarantine. Town alderman Arthur Capello credited Farmington public information office for the idea.

He told WMUR.com they are just “trying to find a sense of normalcy while nothing is normal.” Whatever we can do to cheer each other up, I am all for it. Robert Makowsky of Western Canada posted a picture of his house with Christmas lights aglow on twitter according to NBC news with the caption “Figured the world could use a bit more brightness.” Let’s hope this trend continues.



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