Taken with a grain of salt? Or, time to order more salt for the driveway?

If you put your stock into the Farmers' Almanac, it looks like it's going to be a miserable winter for those who loathe shovelling and cold weather. The almanac predicts a "snowy winter from Maryland to Maine with five coastal storms."

While editors were on the money in certain states, they were a little embarrassed to be so far off in others, and are looking to redeem themselves this year. This, after heavy snow failed to fall in the Midwest and the Middle Atlantic states were milder than anticipated last winter.

Farmers' managing editor Sandi Duncan told WMUR. "Many of our readers rejoice when we predict cold and snowy conditions while others complain that it's too cold and wet. Yet we have to stick by our predictions no matter what Mother Nature may throw at us."

While modern scientists balk, editors continue to stick to their formula, even though they admit forecasting is an "inexact science."

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