We are all watching our diet in this New Year.

Maybe you are going Keto, or no sugar or just watching your carbs but maybe the secret to a long life lies with the dancing.

Dover resident Elsie Hall is celebrating her 100th birthday day and she says in all her years she has always kept active, according to fostersonline.com.

She didn’t join a gym; she did it the old-fashioned way by just having fun.

Dancing, roller-skating, swimming and just being active and having fun while doing it is what she said in the article.

Elsie’s daughter Linda William said of her mother, per Fosters, “She has never been afraid to get up and dance or sing in front of people, never in her life. There is not a shy bone in her body.”

Elsie was born in South Portland, Maine, grew up in Sanford, Maine, and is now living in Dover. She said she worked well into her 70s and credits her work ethic as one of the keys to her longevity, according to Fosters.

I think I will take her advice and get moving. Not joining a gym but just getting out more and enjoying life.

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