Being known as the 'building bird nerd' can be both a blessing and a curse in this new age of cameras being everywhere at all times. Today I realized that I can't identify a woodpecker by the sound of it 'drumming'. Can you?

This is a Twitter video taken outside the Bob Fuller Media Center just a short time ago. Don't bother trying to locate a woodpecker, it can only be heard.

Here are the 2 most likely suspects.

This is my first guess and most likely the culprit, HOWEVER

I have heard 'Hairy Woodpeckers' drumming away with a similar noise and intensity.

There are many articles that tell you how to differentiate the Downy from the Hairy, but if you start to tell a room full of co-workers about the characteristics, they will either fall asleep or giggle. EXAMPLE: "The hairy is quite a bit larger" *giggle giggle*

I've gone on two walking investigations thus far, and haven't seen OR heard anything.

Unless it begins to destroy our building, I think I'll call it a Downy, nobody here will question that statement.

Giggle or snore? Yes. Question it? No.

By the way, the beautiful woodpecker on the featured image is a pileated woodpecker and yes, they are quite common in NH as well!

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