I have been writing a lot about Adam Sandler this week, I know!

I am a huge fan of the Manchester, NH, actor, and he is all over the news promoting his new film, “Uncut Gems.”

I am learning a lot about him as he continues to do interviews to promote the film.

Fox News Entertainment is reporting on an interview Sandler did with Sharyn Alfonsi about his early struggle with stage fright and money.

Breaking into show biz is a dream for many. Look how many shows on television are about breaking into the entertainment business like the Voice or America’s Got Talent. Everyone wants to be a star but very few can make a living at it.

I always loved Adam Sandler’s parody songs from SNL, but I didn’t know that the guitar helped him overcome stage fright.

The Fox News Entertainment article says Sandler said “I was so nervous every time. Then I’d get up there and I wouldn’t remember what I was supposed to say and go blank.”

Having a guitar in his hands and strumming a tune would help him relax and give him something to do to get comfortable.

Without that guitar we would never have discovered “Lunch Lady Land” or “The Hanukkah Song” and his funny songs were some of my favorite parts of his character on SNL.

It brought tears to my eyes to see him host SNL and play the tribute song to his friend the late Chris Farley. What an all-around talented individual Adam Sandler is.

Sandler's new movie comes out Friday, December 13th. People are saying he does such a good job in "Uncut Gems"  he might get an Oscar nomination. Looking forward to seeing this movie.

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