After considering the latest CDC mask guidelines, NH's DHHS is now making their own recommendations. If you're sick of wearing a mask? You're not going to like what they suggest.

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"Everyone, regardless of their vaccination status, should wear a mask and socially distance indoors, when around people who are not vaccinated or their status is unknown." - Dr. Benjamin Chan: NH State Epidemiologist

As it just so happened, my fourteenth day after getting my second shot of Pfizer occurred at 1:55pm yesterday. This announcement was made at about 3:30pm.

Let me tell you, those ninety minutes without feeling mask shame were indescribable.

Last Thursday, The CDC's recommendation were that everyone who is fully vaccinated should no longer have to wear a mask as the strength of the vaccination data suggests that it is safe to do so.

They did put forth the stipulation that masks should still be worn on planes, buses, subway systems and hospitals.

Here is my plan to move forward.

I shall continue to have a mask on me at all times, in my pocket, and will wear it when the business owner requests that I do so. I've had no problem wearing one at the grocery store for the past 14 months, I'm not about to suddenly inconvenience the workers that have to wear one as well.

The worst part for me would be making the employees police this issue themselves. I can't imagine how much fun it will be for them to have to keep reminding people to wear them now that the whole vaccinated country has been advised that they can demask.

Dr. Chan and the Department are advising Granite Staters on what is the healthiest way to behave going forward. Their logic seems sound.

Unfortunately though, I predict a lot of bad behavior to come in the weeks ahead.

Mask rage stories in NH are about to become more and more common.

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