Things got a little sloppy between two parties after food was dumped and then fought over.

It's the time of year for summer family reunions, and we all have a few family members who inevitably get heated. Has your family ever had an actual food fight?

Stories like those are somewhat common, but this one is just a couple of Mainers who were fed up with one another.

According to the Lewiston Sun Journal, there was an argument between a homeowner and occupants of a car parked on Route 118 in Norway, Maine, on Tuesday. Two people were in a car on the homeowners property, and they dumped food on the grounds.

The homeowner asked them to pick it up, and they refused, the newspaper reported.

That's when things allegedly went into orbit.

Norway Police Officer James Ventresca said in the article, "The landowner decided that when she didn’t pick up garbage, he threw the garbage back at her.”

The food in question was reportedly a salad.

Cooler heads prevailed, and no charges were filed, according to the Sun Journal. However, Ventresca said multiple warnings were issued.

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