To all of my neighbors on my small dead-end street, I am so sorry.

It was almost one in the morning. I really had no business running around my backyard/driveway screaming, dancing, and celebrating.

But at the same time, I had ALL the reasons to do just that.

The Bruins OT. You get it.

This time of year is really unique for sports. Both the NHL and the NBA playoffs meet the height of spring for the best time of year (sports-wise).

Like many Boston sports fans, our loyalty to our teams runs deep. The Boston sports fandom is what connects us together. And that is why we do watch parties.

For big games in the spring, my wife and I love to set up our projector outside and watch. Any time it is nice enough and the game is on late enough (so that it is dark), we bundle up, light a fire, and watch whatever playoff game is on outside.

We also try to invite any neighbors over who plan on watching. Basically, if a playoff game is on, and we are watching it outside, it is an open invite to all of our neighbors.

That said, not every neighbor comes. Two of my direct neighbors are older, and they usually turn off their lights early.

So to those two neighbors, I am SO SORRY you had to hear an unruly amount of screams, celebrations, and high-fives at nearly one in the morning.

The Boston Bruins won in OT during the playoffs. You have to understand. This will happen again. As the Bruins and Celtics have now moved on to round two of the playoffs, there will likely be more late-night and early-morning yells.

Don't call the police, please. Come on over. It does not matter if you are in your PJs or nightgown. If you hear us celebrating, come on over for the game!

Go Boston.

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