Six years ago, Locals Restaurant and Pub opened their doors and seemed to be doing a very brisk business during that time.

However, earlier this month, September 10 to be exact, they abruptly shut down. The owners took to their Facebook page page to let everybody know that the night of Sept. 10th would be their very last night of service and thanking their loyal customers for their patronage.

Locals, which also boasted a cigar bar is on Route 1 (Lafayette Road) in North Hampton. They took over the site of the former, 'Wings Your Way' restaurant. Oddly enough, when I called their phone number to see if I could reach anyone for more information, the old 'Wings Your Way' answering machine message was playing!

But, there might be some good news for those of you that frequented 'Locals.' As I drove by this morning, I noticed their sign said 'We Are Back Soon, Now Hiring.' It's unclear if the same owners will be reopening or if someone knew has taken over the property.

Credit Karen Kiley
Credit Karen Kiley

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