The North Hampton Business Association is gearing up again for its Scarecrow Festival this year to bring some Halloween spirit to town which will be lined up and down with scarecrows per reporting from  The town will be expanding the annual scarecrow decorations this year to include not just lining the town with scarecrows but a festival to celebrate the creations.


The event will be held from 9 am to 1 pm on October 19 and will be located at North Hampton High School.  The event is raising money for the communities “Open the Ballroom” campaign raising awareness for the Centennial Hall.  Centennial Hall was founded in 1868 according to and entertained and provided an outlet for cultural enrichment and education of its citizens through the 1940s.  The center is in need of some improvements as it is the meeting place for many art clubs and plays host to numerous other clubs and charitable organizations.


The North Hampton Scarecrow Festival will have fall family fun for everyone including food, games, prizes, music and the highlight will be the fantastical scarecrow creations.  I’m positive there won’t be a crow in sight!




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