Have you heard the tales about the world famous cookie at Pats Peak in Henniker, New Hampshire? What makes it so famous? Is it the sheer size, the recipe, or the fact that it is available in such an unsuspecting environment? I must know!

I found a 2016 article by the Concord Monitor that highlights the Pats Peak tradition. According to the article, the cookie dates back to the opening of the ski mountain back in 1963. However it has evolved throughout the decades. The famous cookie we know and love today is an M&M cookie, but it didn't start out that way! It was just a plain chocolate chip cookie for many years! The cookie began to get bigger and bigger until it landed on the size it is today, which is about the size of an adults face.

The exact recipe is a Pats Peak secret but we do know they only bake six cookies per pan to maximize size. Also the cookies are slightly undercooked so they are gooey, chewy, and soft in all their ginormous cookie glory.

I'm not a big skiier but I am a cookie enthusiast. I might need to get to the Tradewinds Cafe kitchen at Pats Peak before the season ends!

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