According to the Eagle Tribune, the Planning Board in Plaistow, New Hampshire recently approved a regulation that prohibits the use of mulch on commercial properties.

The fire chief in that town says that mulch can be highly flammable. Chief John McArdle says bark mulch can catch fire under many different circumstances, even from a discarded cigarette.

The article in the Eagle Tribune goes on to say the planning board will require developers to use fire-proof products.

Chief McArdle told the Eagle Tribune he believes the calls the fire department has received recently related to fires are a result of the thickness of mulch.

McArdle said, who said firefighters have never been called to a residence during his tenure for a mulch fire.

'Homeowners are generally pretty cheap, I know I am. When I put down mulch, I put down as little as possible. On the other hand, commercial properties are using machines to blow in mulch, much thicker than most residences.' McArdle said.

Since at least 2003, McArdle has asked landscaping companies to stop using the mulch. The requests were rejected.


Credit Think Stock
Credit Think Stock

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