Matthew Ramsey of Old Dominion was not prepared for the hazardous conditions of Portland, Maine. He's doing his thing, singing his little heart out when all of a sudden his feet go sliding underneath him. He somehow made it look graceful and just cracked up laughing. He was laughing so hard he couldn't finish the song! Classic.

Listen to the crowd go bonkers! He may as well have landed a triple axel.

Mainers are used to far more inclement weather conditions so they weren't fazed by a little rain (in real life, a heavy downpour). In the comment section of this video, people are reassuring the band that it isn't always rainy and crappy in Maine, BEGGING them to please come back soon!

The boys of Old Dominion might be accustomed to sunshiney Nashville but their trip to the North Country still proved to be a damn good time. They thanked the crowd for braving the storm to party with them!

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