It's been three years without the Old Port Festival

It's hard to believe that it's already been three years since we said goodbye to the Old Port Festival, but here we are riding a streak of absolutely beautiful weather in Portland, and this is around the time we would be gearing up to celebrate. What makes it even harder is the fact that unlike a lot of other fairs and festivals that have been absent for the last few years, this one isn't temporary.

The other fairs and festivals have had to hit the pause button due to COVID, but they've either already come back or are planning to this year. Unfortunately, before we even knew what the 'VID even was and would be, Old Port Festival was scheduled to end in 2019 regardless.

It's hard to not feel (finally) the spring weather -- and even summer-like weather today and tomorrow -- and not remember how this would be the time we'd be bit by the Old Port Festival bug and start counting down. We'd be weeks away at this point from flooding the brick walkways of the Old Port while chomping down on deliciousness, sipping on adult beverages, and soaking in live music on practically every street corner (and the rooftop patio at One City Center, especially.)

A version of the Old Port Festival is coming back next month

While there's only one Old Port Festival, something a lot like it will be running through Portland in just under a month. According to the Portland Press Herald, Resurgam is scheduled to go off on Thompson's Point on Sunday, June 12. It'll include a lot of the same elements that Old Port Fest did -- food, drinks, live music, and more. But again, there's only one original and it'll never be duplicated.

Regardless, we'll take what we can get with Resurgam, while looking back into the memory banks and remembering growing up with a festival that was truly second-to-none, and truly grew and changed with the times and morphed into something that will forever be part of our summer memories and has been since childhood.

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