After finding out the oldest high school in America was in Massachusetts, I decided to take it a bit further.

To learn more about the 400-year-old high school, click here. While researching some of the history of the Boston Latin High School, I was impressed.

There was a lot of rich history that I (and many others reading) found interesting.

While looking into the oldest high school in America, I found out that the oldest college in America was not too far in founding date and location...

It is Harvard University.

Harvard was founded in 1636, making it 388 years old. With a fluctuating acceptance rate of somewhere between 3-6%, Harvard is one of the hardest schools to be accepted into.

Harvard Dormitories
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Many people think that John Harvard founded Harvard, but he was actually the first major benefactor, donating half of his estate and more than 400 of his personal books to the school library, according to the Harvard website.

Harvard was actually founded by a vote by the Great and General Court of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, similar to the first high school in America being publicly voted and funded.

Harvard's rich history of beginnings is almost shadowed by who went to the prestigious school, and the work those graduates have done.

John Adams is likely the earliest and most well-known graduate from Harvard. Adams graduated from Harvard College in 1755, and graduated from Harvard University in 1758.

Since then, former presidents Barak Obama, George Bush, JFK, both Roosevelts, Rutherford Hayes, and John Quincy Adams have all graduated from the University.

Harvard is the oldest college in the United States, and arguably has the most history and the most prestigious graduates.

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